AKIOMA Offer Management.

Structured offers of highest quality with hundreds of items - built at record speed.

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Quickly create complex offers of highest quality with hundreds of products, alternatives and accessories

Compared to ERP or CRM systems AKIOMA enables you to create structured offers of highest quality - quickly and easily by means of drag ´n drop. With just a few clicks you get a perfectly styled Word Document with images and formatted text. To create the same document just with MS Word and Excel it would take four or five times longer.

Perfect for businesses with a comprehensive product portfolio.

AKIOMA seamlessly integrates itself into the existing system landscape and synchronizes data in real time. So product information, customer details as well as the original pricing from the ERP system are used for offer creation. By means of drag ´n drop you quickly create complex offers with images and formatted text. Foreign language offer alternatives can be built with just 4 clicks.

When adding products to the offer AKIOMA automatically calculates prices correctly for the respective customer and builds sums on every structure level.

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Create foreign language offer alternatives with just 4 clicks
Manage your CMS with AKIOMA and synchronize product data in real time
Optimize your translation workflow for product definitions
Automate business processes - without any coding
Quickly and easily define complex business rules - without coding
Create web-based configuration forms without coding and in a fraction of the time an IT team would need