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Quickly create complex offers that mainly consist of text modules and graphics - fully integrated with your ERP system

If we ask sales managers how they create complex and structured offers of high quality (with images and formatted text) the answer usually is: "With Microsoft Word and Excel". But besides the Pros there are also some Cons:

Using Microsoft Word for offer creation

  • Structured document
  • Layout
  • Formatted text
  • Images

  • Very time-consuming, as the content has to be searched and placed manually
  • No integration with ERP or CRM
  • No consistency
  • No collaboration functionality
  • Twice the effort for foreign language alternatives

"We would need a tool that uses data from the ERP or CRM and also offers rich functionalities for layout and formatting, like MS Word does," - that´s what most sales managers say.

And that´s exactly what AKIOMA is. We close the gap between ERP/CRM and MS Word. Fully integrated into your system landscape, AKIOMA bidirectionally synchronizes your data in real time. And foreign language offer alternatives can be created with just 4 clicks.

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Create foreign language offer alternatives with just 4 clicks
Manage your CMS with AKIOMA and synchronize product data in real time
Optimize your translation workflow for product definitions
Automate business processes - without any coding
Quickly and easily define complex business rules - without coding
Create web-based configuration forms without coding and in a fraction of the time an IT team would need