AKIOMA.SWAT! – The development platform for your modern and future-proof, web-based business application (aPaaS)

Auf der diesjährigen PUG Challenge Virtual 2020 wird AKIOMA sein Produkt AKIOMA.SWAT! präsentieren:

AKIOMA.SWAT! is unique in the creation of business critical applications that require a high number of complex masks and parallel processes. The resulting application and UI can be used with all common web browsers and resembles a Native Windows Client in look & feel.

Regardless of whether you need to port your existing OpenEdge application to the web or want to implement completely new applications: Our unique no-code/low-code approach guarantees an unprecedented productivity and future security. Let us show you the unlimited possibilities of our technology stack.


  • Unique UX approach, especially for complex applications of any project size
  • Dynamic forms based on configurable rules
  • Allow (backend) developers to implement the entire stack
  • Fully integrated into the OE backend
  • Up to 10x faster market introduction

Details und Anmeldung unter: https://pugchallenge.pathable.co/meetings/virtual/D99mndZirgzg2goGt