More efficiency, more quality, more revenue!

Complex and structured offers of highest quality - quick and easy by means of drag ´n drop.

That´s exactly what you´ve been looking for!

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Complex offers that mainly consist of text and images

For IT Service Providers, Consultancies, Engineering, etc.

Complex offers that consist of hundreds of items

For businesses with a comprehensive product portfolio.

Web-based product configuration without any coding

Extremely reduced Time to Market and a significant reduction of developing costs.


Higher revenue at lower cost!

SAP + AKIOMA = 400% more efficiency.

  • Do you still create complex offers with MS Word and Excel?
  • Do you manually gather product information, text modules and images for each offer?
  • Doy you have to check for each offer if prices and conditions are correct for the respective customer?
  • Doy you calculate with MS Excel and do you have to recalculate each time you modified the offer´s structure?
  • Do you miss consistency of your offers?

With AKIOMA you can leave all this behind!