• For complex and business critical-processes
    we provide our customers
    THE (Cloud-)Platform for
    Web-Application development
    Our unique no-code/low-code approach guarantees
    unprecedented productivity and future-proofing
  • AKIOMA No-Code/Low-Code Plattform
    The future of Low-Code Development
    With AKIOMA, the vast majority of business processes
    can be transformed into a modern, scalable and future-proof application -
    without having to write a single line of classical code.
  • AKIOMA.Offer!
    Create complex offers in an easy way
    Increase in automation, effectiveness and quality of content while reducing errors and costs
  • AKIOMA.Docs!
    For the automated generation of complex,
    customised and CI-conform documents
    Because we believe that not the way is the goal.

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Who we are

AKIOMA - simplifying complexity

The AKIOMA Software GmbH Team is well aware of the IT challenges of today's mission-critical business processes and offers market-leading opportunities to meet the digital challenges with its cloud platform solutions for web application development. 

We enable a significant increase in productivity, our customers create (highly) complex and business critical Enterprise Web applications with a unique, market-leading UX designer - and Future-proof!



Development platform for complex, web-based business applications (aPaaS)

AKIOMA.SWAT! is unique in the creation of business critical applications that require a high number of complex masks and parallel processes. For example, it is the technological basis for the in-house offer management AKIOMA.Offer! - and much more.

AKIOMA.SWAT! is also a development platform, with which you can individually extend the functional range of AKIOMA and completely realise new applications for your business processes.

AKIOMA.SWAT! is based on a multi-layer technology with service-oriented architecture (SOA). Database and 4GL programming language are provided by Progress. The UI can be used with all common web browsers and resembles a Native Windows Client in look & feel. An application server is responsible for client-server communication.


Increase in automation, effectiveness and quality of content while reducing errors and costs

AKIOMA.Offer! is the professional, integrative and multi-sectors offer management as a native web application for the creation of complex, individual offers.


The easy and efficient way to generate business documents!

This is independent of how complex your Word templates and associated text modules are, the context for which you need your documents or the data source from which the necessary information comes.

With our generic documents-factory AKIOMA.Docs! you can concentrate on the essential things when it comes to the automated generation of complex, customised and CI-conform documents!


The required information at the right time and the right place

Maintain products, manage contacts, generate offers: In AKIOMA there are no isolated processes and data islands. All the necessary information is available at every point in the workflow, just as it is needed.

This only works with a philosophy of maximum openness - within the solution itself and in interaction with third-party systems. Only then can the full potential be exploited in dialog with customers, suppliers, interested parties, etc.: Where are the starting points for cross-selling? What should the offer look like that best matches the recipient's order history? Which product details should be in the foreground so that the other side shows interest?

Latest News

14 Jun

Demol.com uses AKIOMA.Docs!

The Belgian software company Demol.com, which has been using Progress since the 1980s, will use in the future AKIOMA.Docs! to generate Excel and Word documents for its Open Edge projects.

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