AKIOMA No-Code/Low-Code Platform

The innovative Platform for state-of-the-art Business Applications

For complex and mission critical business processes
we deliver to our customers
THE cloud platform for web application development.
Our unique No-Code/Low-Code approach
guarantees an unprecedented
Productivity and future security.

AKIOMA Platform

Significant increase in productivity
  • Reducing the Time-to-market
  • Saving of IT resources through Citizen Development (no code/low code focus)
  • Paralel Development, Continuous Delivery
  • Reduce the complexity of planning, building, delivering and maintaining mission-critical applications
  • Business processes are no longer determined/regulated by IT
  • Changed/new requirements no longer lead to exorbitant costs
  • Low user re-engineering when migrating legacy systems
(Highly-)Complex and business critical Enterprise Web Applications
  • Enterprise software established on the market as a fundamental basis: Corticon, DataDirect, Kinvey, Kubernetes, NativeChat, OpenEdge etc.
  • Full MS Office integration
  • High Availability
  • International (Data-/UI-Language, Date-/Time-/Numeric-Formats)
  • AKIOMA makes it possible for the first time to migrate legacy software to the web, which was previously unthinkable
  • Integration of any third-party systems
Unique, market-leading UI/UX
  • Mapping of any, most complex
  • Data-Structures
  • UI-Structures (dynamic tree structures, Tab-in-Tab etc.)
  • Parallel processing of any number of different data
  • Real Multi-Windowing
  • Designed for the requirements of business applications content. Different systems communicate with each other
  • Complete abstraction from the used UI framework by the rendering engine
  • UI-Repository
  • Cloud-native
  • Device independent
  • Easy and fast Proof-of-Concepts

Productive and future-proof

Become faster, improve collaboration and focus on the activities that add value.

Dynamic product configurators and online forms - without programming

Create complex product configurators or dynamic, multi-page forms for your customers - with AKIOMA.Config!

You determine the rules of the game!

Configure the rules yourself directly in your application so that profitable decisions are made automatically in your interest.

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