Define the most complex business rule models using a patented, Excel-like interface - no programming required

AKIOMA.RulesEngine! is the software for implementing any business rules, standalone or integrated with ERP systems.

Conditions are linked to corresponding actions through an intuitive user interface. Thus, even more complex rules can be implemented without any programming knowledge.

Of course, you can customise AKIOMA Rules! yourself to save costs and time. The update capability and release stability should also be emphasised.

With AKIOMA Rules!, you can decisively increase the quality and speed of your processes and guarantee a customer-oriented and pro-active sales activity of your employees.

For example, define a release check when preparing a quotation, which specifies that quotations with a total discount of more than 10% are checked by the team leader, whereas quotations with a total value of more than 20,000 EUR must be released by the management.

The software calculates all possible constellations and thus prevents rules from being executed that contradict each other.

Progress Software, a US-American company with more than 1600 employees worldwide, sees the development from AKIOMA as a promising and future-oriented application - especially due to the modules AKIOMA BPM (Business Process Management) and AKIOMA.Rules! (tool for the implementation of business rules).

Why Business Rules Management ?

  • No programming necessary (but possible)
  • Intuitive UI
  • Automatic validation of rules for correctness and completeness
  • Complete integration into the AKIOMA product world

Focused on your benefit. Revenue up - costs down.

Everything else is of little importance.