The future of No-Code-/Low-Code development

AKIOMA No-Code/Low-Code Platform

In order to successfully map today's business processes digitally, exceptional flexibility and productivity are required. Our No-Code/Low-Code approach has been developed exactly for this purpose: Even with increasing complexity, the business processes, the resulting requirements as well as the implementations can be adapted to always individual needs and requirements and this without having to write a single line of code.


This not only shortens the entire integration process, but also relieves the burden on your IT department by using so-called Citizen Developers, i.e. employees from specialist departments who know the business process in detail, but have never been involved in the actual development process until now.

In this way, mission-critical business processes are transformed into modern, scalable and maintainable applications, efficiently and future-proof.





For most requirements no programming is necessary anymore. AKIOMA offers full support for this:

  • Graphical Designer for UI/UX (application) Flow-Designer for UX-Intelligence
  • Rules-Engine
  • Rule-Driven UI
  • System-Integration
  • Authorization / Authentication / right and roles management
  • BusinessProcessManagement


And if the requirements are so complex that a few lines of code have to be written, we also have solutions:

  • By your own developers
  • By a solution-partner
  • Directly by AKIOMA

Why No-Code/Low-Code Platform ?

Your advantages:

  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Create more space to test the potential of different ideas.
  • Not only collect ideas from your stakeholders, but also implement them in the shortest possible time
  • Demonstrate functionality as part of a business application instead of describing it in a document
  • Improve employee collaboration - remote and on-site
  • Let your development focus on the service functions instead of implementing and deploying code. 
  • It's time to automate the old (yet important) and non-value-adding assembly line work

Focused on your benefit. Revenue up - costs down.

Everything else is of little importance.