Why AKIOMA.Offer! ?

Offer configuration at a glance

  • Quotation generation, product management and contact administration completely in one single solution; easy mapping of processes, procedures, rules with graphical tool
  • Predefined interfaces for all common business applications (e.g. ERP, CRM, e-mail)
  • multilingual offer generation at the push of a button; direct export of documents, product descriptions etc. to content management systems for websites

Product management at a glance

  • Easy creation of texts (WYSIWYG editor) and assignment of photos, graphics, documents
  • Assignment of individual parts, components, products, etc. in hierarchical structure trees via drag & drop
  • Transfer of articles and products into offers via drag & drop, while retaining all hierarchies and links
  • Multilingualism & direct export function of product descriptions for website content

Contacts management at a glance

  • Detailed mapping of organisational structures: single person-department-area-location etc.
  • Consistent separation of contacts according to customers and prospects (also possible with the same contact)
  • Automatic propagation of changes to higher and lower levels in the organisational structure
  • Automatic synchronisation of changed contact data from/to ERP, MS Outlook, etc.

Focused on your benefit. Revenue up - costs down.

Everything else is of little importance.