Always get out the best of it

The AKIOMA solution is characterised by an almost boundless openness - because our highest principle during development was that the software must function optimally in every existing system and application environment.

It is therefore essential that we get to know your individual company situation before implementation: the technical conditions, but also your goals and expectations when using the product. On this basis, we then define any necessary optimisation recommendations and together agree the detailed "roadmap" for implementation.

Even after AKIOMA has been put in production inside your company, we will continue to offer support with well-founded advice, for example on useful function extensions, which are based on your user experience in daily work.


Reach your goal, faster and better

In order that you can put your AKIOMA solution into operation as quickly as possible, we employ an experienced project team for implementation. This includes a project manager and specialists from the areas of consulting, support and systems engineering.

First of all, we determine the exact timing of the project with you and define the objectives of the individual project phases. In regular meetings our project team will then review the progress of the project with you and agree on any necessary adjustments. The professional competence bundled in the team has the advantage that all questions arising are always automatically dealt with in a balanced and exhaustive manner from different sides, and the entire project therefore runs much more efficiently and purposefully.


Get to know AKIOMA in detail!

Start using AKIOMA right away and take advantage of our products immediately - we offer a broad-based training program for this purpose. We regularly conduct standard product training courses which are open to all AKIOMA users and systematically introduce the central functional areas. In addition, we also offer individual training courses, which are fully oriented towards the special requirements and interests of the customer. The focus is on the business processes in the respective company. The training courses take place at our headquarters in Ludwigsburg, but can also be held on your premises. We would be happy to put together the right training program for you - just ask us!


Extend AKIOMA - create something new with AKIOMA

With additional functions for AKIOMA you can make your business processes even more efficient and you can also use the solution as a basis for completely new developments. AKIOMA.SWAT! provides a powerful framework for this task. You can also rely on our support throughout the entire process for individual expansion and development projects:

  • Consulting
  • Document requirements/specifications
  • Testing and QC
  • Data Migration
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Maintenance, support and customization