Explain less, achieve more:
With the AKIOMA No-Code/Low-Code Platform

Because we believe that the way isn't the goal

Bringing together legal requirements, the demands of the specialist departments, economic interests, employee and customer wishes, all this can quickly become very time and cost intensive.

To make matters worse, the time to implement new requirements is getting shorter and shorter.

So don't struggle with the technical limitations of the technologies in use: Digitising your business successfully is challenging enough as it is.

Screen-Designer and UI-Engine

So that users feel confident, IT Department can focus on other tasks and the budget is not exceeded

Business Process and Workflow Management

Because IT should not determine your processes

Rule-based automation

Simplify complex decisions through an intelligent set of rules

Connectors and integrations

The basis for your integration into the existing and future IT system landscape

AKIOMA Cloud-Platform

Future-proof solutions without limitations

Focus on what makes you economically successful:

To create future-proof
and comprehensive solutions with convincing ideas and clearly defined business processes
that satisfy the needs of everyone.




I want everything - and I need it now!

"We need to migrate to Cloud in order to reduce costs and increase the scalability - but our ERP system must remain on premises or maximum in a private Cloud." --- "The development process must be accelerated, to implement Continuous Delivery, etc." --- "It would be great if the business departments themselves could integrate their ideas into the respective application, what's wrong with Citizen Development?" --- "We need a modern UI - but the users should not have to change their habits, that costs too much productivity and training." --- "For a good Customer Journey customer inquiries should be answered automatically, with high quality, by a strong Chatbot!" --- "And couldn't we also simplify our entire complex pricing process with a strong Business-Rule-Engine?"

AKIOMA - the base for successful digitization!

Do not waste time with document generation

The generation of your business documents must be as simple and efficient as possible. This should not be related to the complexity of your Word templates or associated text modules, or for which context you want to generate them, or from which data source the necessary information comes

With our generic document factory AKIOMA.Docs! you can focus on the essential things when it comes to the automated generation of complex, customised and CI-conform documents.

System communication: avoidance of data silos

Data is the new gold - but gold also wants to be moved first. That modern platforms must master the 1x1 of system communication is not new. But what about inventory systems that just can't phone "home", let alone have an API First approach? One possibility is, of course, to replace these systems, and this can be done with our technologies without loss of productivity.
But if migrating the whole application is out of the question, this is no longer a problem:

We make sure that your business-critical data is migrated from your existing (and over the years successful) legacy systems and made available to your current applications.

Migrating Legacy Applications to the Web

It's clear: You don't have to follow every new technological trend, many of the hypes are already obsolete after a few years. But at some point, the software that has been in use for 30 years is bent to a degree, the technological possibilities have been exhausted, so that it is more like a brake than a motor.
In addition, the number of experts and thus the know-how for the legacy systems is constantly decreasing. High license and maintenance costs are a burden on every internal budget, not just IT. And above all, the company is literally dependent on technical progress.

On what technology can you rely on without having to repeat the process of selection, implementation, testing, training and introduction every 5 years?
A solution that does not put technology and deployed frameworks first, but rather their principles of security, reusability, flexibility, portability and the future-proof separation of data storage, communication, business logic and UX design.

It's not a question of whether new technologies require you to adapt your business model - it's just a question of when. And how easy it will be for you to use them and participate in the future.

Data in the right place at the right time

Large, monolithic systems are a thing of the past. In many cases it has proven to be a good idea to use a best-of-breed strategy. But this also means that work is carried out across system boundaries, often on the same data. So what good is it if you have the best CRM system where the quotations are initially created, but your ERP system employees have to wait for the data to be processed by the next batch run. Have been transferred? And additional customer information from the ERP never reaches the CRM?

An intelligent linking of the systems, if necessary in real time, creates the necessary basic conditions and transparency for a future-proof and successful linkage of the systems involved.

Implement complex release processes

Validating the accuracy of rules initially defined across multiple business departments and later implemented by IT can be a lengthy process. Especially when there is no other option than to have the end user check the rules by trial and error. Only to find out later, during regular operation, that the EdgeCases were not considered.

Simply define the framework parameters and have the requirements created directly in the application - without having to write a single line of code. By the way, this not only ensures that the rules are valid, but also that missing conditions are automatically added.

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